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Electronics services

VTEC Lasers & Sensors designs analog, digial and microcontroller circuitry and firmware for many customers and industires. Our design service provides complete circuits, parts lists, PCB diagrams and source code in a complete documentation package delivered to our clients with their prototypes.

VTEC can offer you the following services

  • Electronic design support
  • Simulation, designs, Layout
  • Hardware prototyping
  • Assembly and testing of Printed circuits boards

Opto service

VTEC Lasers & Sensors can support you with design and assembly of opto electronic components. With a large knowledge base and many years of experience VTEC can find the right balance between the optimization of a design for prototyping and and the preparation of the design for the subsequent volume production. VTEC has a worldwide network of foundries and assembly houses that can support in the prototyping as well as in the mass manufacturing fase.

  • Laser chip design 
  • Submount simulation and design
  • Wire and die bonding
  • Packaging design and assembly
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