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We transport data by developing and producing high speed photonic devices and photonic integrated circuits to accelerate the online and social platform access.

We provide services:

-Low density PICs and MPW building blocks

-Module prototyping

-High speed testing

-Failure analysis and reliability

Our core expertise:

-High speed lasers and detectors

-Tuneable lasers and Optical sensors


We create sensors for enhancing the fitness experience, improving and monitoring the work and living conditions.

We provide services:

-Sensors for fitness environmental and maintenance

-Module prototyping

-Application specific testing

Our core expertise:

-Sensor principles and implementation

-R&D and production of entire products

-Hardware and software platforms for large scale deployment

-Customised sensors

Internet of Things (IOT)

Intelligence is the purpose of applying IOT, after producing the validated monitoring data it is converted to information for understanding to help for control and strategy definition. For our current products we return the intelligence to help people to grow their fitness level and creates insight in the environmental air pollution and working conditions to enable improvement activities

We provide services:

-Bringing application requirements into solutions

-Vertically integrated service

-Support in enabling smart cities and green society

Our core expertise

-Application knowledge

-Data connectivity

-App development

-Cloud processing

-App and data management

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